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Open Data

The Public sector is expected to make its information available and to make the re-use as easy as possible. Today data is stored in silos and the effort to supply the public with the information is huge. We can help to make your data into open data and gain the following:

  • Zero touch handling of citizens request for public information
  • Access to city data for developers, a new venture start means growth
  • Fulfill the laws and regulation of providing data with little work and at a low cost

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EntryScape Catalog makes it possible 

How we do it

Our product suite EntryScape provides an advanced Data Catalog and comes with pre-built forms for standards such as DCAT-AP. We offer this as a service and host your data catalogs and datasets. Today our solution is the most time efficient solution to describe and publish data to the data portals you want in a standardized way.




Next Generation SEO

Simply finding a web page is not good enough. Fact-based queries can today be answered by search engines that make sense of structured information. Take control with term-based search and start to link your data to the web and turn yourself into a data provider for search engines.

Our solution brings:

  • Structured use of terminologies to CMS
  • Use of own terminologies together with re-use of existing ones
  • Integration into intranet and web sites

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How we do it

Using EntryScape you can define and reuse vocabularies to describe all your entities with. We offer vocabulary management to use terms for your business and allow you to link those terms to globally used vocabularies such as schema.org. Integration scenarios include existing CMS for web search optimization and intranet to make the internal information re-use more efficient. To make it all happen we build on the SKOS standard for taxonomy, thesaurus or terminology management.




Future Data Management

In organizations there are data such as documents, files, calendar events, etc created every day. By habit we store them in silos such as file systems. Today most data turn to Dark Data, meaning the vast majority of data are never deleted, rarely used and very hard to find. A Linked Data strategy deals with the following issues:

  • Unclaimed data – if you cannot locate valuable data, you can’t base decisions on it.
  • Manual handling of data – find and manage data based on well-structured information.
  • Double work – work already done is not re-used because it’s not found.

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How we do it

Using the full potential of EntryScape gives you the means to describe any entity from day one, with a common terminology. With that as a base, entities can be linked to other entities, allowing powerful searches and effective data management. You can handle the full life cycle of information with EntryScape as your data management platform, implementing one aspect at a time. This is Future Data Management.