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Our Open Data solution help you with all details of Open Data. From the formal requirements put on public administrations to the best data management features around.

Two in one: PSI and Open Data

Public organizations shall provide a list of available information – Public Sector Information, PSI.
Part of this list will be Open Data with direct access to free reusable data. Part will also be reusable but may have a cost attached to usage.
Up to today the PSI lists have typically been handled separate from Open Data causing double work.

MetaSolutions approach is a one way of working with PSI & Open Data. Describe all your data in one common way and provide access to the data you can. In this way you don’t have to run a parallel process.

Reused data is valuable data

The intent with Open Data is data reuse, data not used have little value. So how to get data used?
Data search is today done in data portals. But when browsing for data among thousands of sources, only the ones well described will be found. Once found the best formats will be selected, e.g an API instead of an Excel file.
Or cloud service have zero touch publishing with DCAT-AP, easy descriptions with multi language support and auto- API generation.

Who has done it?

We have helped several public administrations and municipalities. See our references

Göteborgs Stad

Här kan Du ladda ned en Case Study “Göteborgs Stad – Öppna data”.  Efter en heldags arbete gick de till publicering. Only available in Swedish. 

Data also have a life cycle

A data management process have three main phases; investigation – preparation – maintenance. With two key decision points: to start prepare and to publish data. Maintaining data will become a strategic work process for organizations, the same way managing the web and social media did.
MetaSolutions have built the life cycle into the solution, where investigation can be made with tailored checklists and publishing is a formal decision point. This is made in a collaboration fashion with comments and discussion of data both internal and external.

Think data life cycle cost

You want control of your cost for handling data over the life cycle. Starting simple, even manually may look attractive at first but will quickly become a costly approach.
We have designed our solution with the target to cut at least 50% of your alternative cost. Both startup and maintenance. Together with a feature list for data we say the choice is easy.

Go Open Data in one day

One day is all that’s needed to get started. We help you to get the first Open Data sets out there and give your team the know how and tools to continue to get data published.

Only available in Swedish:

Här kan Du ladda ner en beskrivning och ett upplägg för att starta med Öppna data. En heldag eller två halvdagar, välj det som passar dig bäst!

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