Linked Data is about making all data understandable and usable

The Public Official’s
best friend

Making data open brings value to citizens.

A CMO loves
being found

Make your data appear in relevant searches.

CIOs value
well-structured information

Bring dark data out into the light and make it usable.

Linked Data technology brings tangible values to today’s business

Our solutions

Open Data

Bring your data out into the open in an effortless way.

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Next Generation SEO

Embrace a term-based search strategy and bring your data to the Web of Data.

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Future Data Management

Make your data collaborative and reusable with the full power of Linked Data.

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We envision a world where all data are linked together – a “Web of Data”.

EntryScape is our Open Source-based platform built on the Linked Data technology stack. 

It is a fully standardized data management platform and consists of the following modules:

Describe your data – Terms

Organize your data – Catalog

Enrich you data – Workbench


Reuse existing data – Import

Integration for development – API

Build templates – Forms