EntryScape Catalog – the native DCAT tool for governmental
organizations and data publishers across Europe

The Open Data platform fully compliant with European standards

EntryScape Catalog is based on the W3C DCAT recommendation and supports a range of regional, national and topical variations such as the European commissions DCAT-AP. It also supports GeoDCAT-AP and StatDCAT-AP.

Supporting national standards and multilingual forms

DCAT-AP standards

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Optimize your data publishing process with the EntryScape Catalog workflow

EntryScape Catalog provides your organization with a user-friendly tool to manage, publish and make your Open Data easily discoverable. The cloud based platform is based on next generation linked data technology. Maintained and developed by experts at MetaSolutions, facilitating your data management process.

Assess new datasets and facilitate team collaboration 

  • Checklists: Standardized or custom built checklists to make evaluation of new datasets easy
  • Datasets can be public APIs, data dumps, document collections
  • Collaboration: Share responsibilities and make comments on datasets across your team
  • Progress bar: Quick overview to see readiness of new datasets
Datasets in catalog

Fast and flexible metadata editor

  • Fully compliant with latest EU DCAT-AP standards
  • Easily adopts to national, regional and topical standards: GeoDCAT, StatDCAT, DCAT-AP-DK and more.
  • Tailored forms and controlled vocabularies facilitates for editors
  • Term plugin – refer to a set of terms you choose across your organization

Hosting of data and API generation

  • Data without a home can be hosted through EntryScape Catalog
  • Any type of data can be uploaded and described
  • Generate API´s from tabular data in a single click

Publish data on external portals and integrate into existing website

  • Keep datasets private until you are ready to publish
  • Integrate an overview of datasets in your existing web
  • Organization-specific portal for search and browse
  • Automatic updates to national and European portals
  • Full API access or download entire catalogs from a single URI

Ensuring high quality of your data

  • One page to overview all data maintenance activities
  •  Simple click through to edit dataset or distributions
     more features are coming soon…




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Organizations across Europe rely on EntryScape platform

Several public administrations and municipalities across Europe maintain and publish their Open Data with the EntryScape catalog. Find out more about our customers here.

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Deploy and maintain your Open Data project without IT-investments

With the cloud-based EntryScape Catalog platform you can easily get started with Open Data. It doesn´t have to be difficult, time consuming or require expensive IT-development projects. You can focus on what really matters, your data quality and the data management process. We provide you the tools needed.

EntryScape is an Open Source based data platform built on linked data technology. 

It is a fully standardized data management platform and offers modular extensions:

Describe your data, – terms

Organize your data – Catalog

Enrich you data – Workbench


Reuse existing data – Import

Integration for development – API

Build templates – Forms


 Fast and flexible metadata tool fully compliant with EU DCAT-AP standards

 Data publishing made easy both to data portals and to own web

 Intuitive and collaborative workflow for best data mangement process

Available as cloud service – providing a cost- and time efficient solution